Bengali Boin (Nusrat Upoma) Age, Height, Biography, Net worth, Family

Nusrat Upoma, sometimes referred to as "Bengali Boin," has had a fascinating path to become one of the most well-liked online comedians in Bangladesh. Upoma, who is just 22 years old and has over two million Facebook fans, has broken down barriers and established herself in the mostly male comedy industry.

She is a content creator. Nusrat started her career with comedy videos.Her journey began with a childhood love for films and a talent for imitating actors. Upoma’s penchant for imitating facial expressions and body gestures eventually led her to become the quirky ‘Bengali Boin’ on social media. In an interview with The Sisimpur Team, she expressed her desire to challenge the misconception that women can’t be funny and are a part of the comedy world. To introduce the related Bengali ‘boin’.

Inspired by her passion for online comedy shows, she created funny clips during the pandemic. Her first video humorously depicted how people would forget how to function in society after a pandemic, setting the tone for her relatable and humorous content.

Net Worth
Reflecting on her unexpected success, Upoma shares that initially there was no idea that people could earn through content creation. The net worth or income is $5k-$10k monthly,Net worth or income $15k-$20k per year, net worth or income totaling $90k

Nusrat Upoma aka ‘Bengali Boin’
“Initially, my father disapproved of content creation. Over time, she eased into it as people appreciated my work. On the other hand, my mother was supportive from the start. She bought me the first tripod that I used. She taught me how to create content. Emphasizing that people should be aware of meritocracy, she said it is a great way to be independent and follow your dreams.

“If you consistently create high-quality content, reputable companies will take notice. I’ve collaborated with many. The sunny nature analogy advises the younger generation to be optimistic.” Our society creates invisible boundaries when people try to follow their dreams. But even if the world is against you, follow your dreams for your long-term happiness,” She advises.

Social Media
She has 800k followers on social media. YouTube – Bangla Boin 12.4K subscribers. She is also a great model. Upoma’s account was hacked when she was a budding content creator with two lakh followers. However, he was determined to shine as a content creator and came back stronger. Upoma’s first video was about how people will forget how to function in society after the pandemic is over. Her latest videos continue the same trend, they are always very relatable. Sometimes he makes videos impersonating her famous characters. Her sister also occasionally lends her a hand and joins in.

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Nusrat also has a real name, given to her by parents, which is Nusrat Upoma. Currently, she is doing graduation. She doesn’t know what she will do in the future, but obviously, she will try to experience new things that she likes the most. Finally, she would do my best to make people laugh. She is a student of Dhaka City College.

In her optimistic advice to the younger generation, Upoma urged them to pursue their dreams despite social boundaries, stressing the importance of long-term happiness. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators and challenges stereotypes in the world of comedy.

She is a student of Dhaka City College. Upoma, currently a graduate student of Green University, has transitioned to content creation as a full-time job. In 2020, she spontaneously created short and funny content during her early university days. 

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