Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update

When the episode opens, Harku queries Tukoji's location. He went on an assignment, the guard claims. Alright, you may leave, Ahilya replies. She requests that Harku message Yashwant. Raghoba declares that it is now my moment to triumph and that nobody can stop me from doing so. Yashwant is asked about their troops and weapons by Ahilya. He claims that we don't have enough ammo to take on our adversaries. Write a message to Tukoji and implore him to return; only then can we put an end to Raghoba's wickedness forever. Malwa needs Tukoji; moreover, write letters to Shinde and Gaikwad. I will speak with Malerao and enlist his assistance. Malerao witnesses the dancer in action. Gunu Ji observes.


Where is Malerao? Ahilya asks Maina. Don't you realise that he is celebrating being king? Maina asks. Ahilya travels to Mendoza. Saying, "You know what happened to Kings who are sunk in alcohol; will you keep your duty like this when the Rajya is in danger?" Malerao applauds. He challenges her. He replies, "You need me now, so if you want me to remember, I will never come with you." Everything will go according to your wishes.


I'm a namesake King, he adds; everything goes according to my mother's wishes. He is extremely inebriated. Below the balcony, he tumbles. Everyone bolts downstairs after being startled. Vaid provides assistance and examines Malerao. For the next ten days, Vaid claims he won't be able to get out of bed. Ahilya is taken aback. She sobs.


Malerao awakens and asks for booze. He requests that Maina buy him some booze. Ahilya observes. She sobs and leaves. Malhar queries Ahilya about what transpired. She says, "I'm afraid; I don't think Malerao will stand by me; I've fallen on my own since you left." You have done a lot of nice things, and your good deeds will support you, he says. When Harku arrives, Ahilya is held. She questions what transpired. Ahilya promises to work for Malwa till she passes away because she has Malhar's approval. She makes a guard call. She begs him to give Yashwant a call. She discusses the strategy with Yashwant. We didn't get Tukoji's response, she claims, and since we know Raghoba well, we know he won't allow us much time before attacking us first thing the next day. How will we manage in this little amount of time, wonders Yashwant? We have to prevail in this struggle, she adds. Yes, he replies, but how? She says, "I've discovered a way." She reveals his scheme.


Gunu Ji replies that Ahilya is aware of your intentions for assault. We have a lot of men and weaponry; Tukoji isn't here; Ahilya has an injured son; and no one can aid her, according to Raghoba. Gunu Ji replies, "I feel your plan will fail. Ahilya can fight with thousands of soldiers, and that too without any weapon." He believes that I have given Raghoba one more opportunity and that I have chosen to inflict the last wound. Ahilya prepares. Yashwant says I have made a phone call. With a nod.


Dushyant, Sarja's spouse, arrives. As Ahilya sees her, she grins. I came because Yashwant messaged me, Dushyant explains, and I want you to meet someone. He presents Suganda, his daughter, and Sarja. Ahilya claims she resembles Sarja exactly. Suganda claims, "I'm with you to protect Malwa; my determination is just like mom's." She also claims, "I have an army of 500 girls." Sarja comes to mind as Ahilya grins.


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