Anupama 29th october 2023 written episode update today

Startled, Malti Devi reveals that Anupama had pledged to give this home greater significance. After work, Barkha informs her that Anupama and Anuj went to the Shah residence. Anuj attended a meeting after work, according to Malti Devi. Ankush is leading the meeting, according to Barkha. Anupama is attracted to them like a magnet, she claims, and the Shah mansion has gravitational pull. I know that this is unfamiliar to you, but we've come to terms with it, she adds. She continues, saying she must go to the spa. Malti Devi is irate that Anupama can only see the Shah mansion and that Anuj and Choti are unable to function without her. How can Anupama and Anuj help Vanraj recover from his trauma? asks Babu ji. I worried you for this, he says. Right on them, he has Anuj and Anupama. Anuj promises that a qualified physician would take care of him. According to Babu ji, Vanraj lost both of his boys, Samar passed away, and Toshu was about to leave. Babu ji is informed by Anuj that it is unrealistic to expect Toshu to return. We won't pluck their feathers in order to fulfil their goals, according to Anupama. Baa comes Dimpy and promises to take decisive action.

Romil gets back home. He is asked to assist Choti in making origami. He says after getting dressed. Where have you gone, says Malti Devi? You are not Anu aunty, he says. He is asked why he hasn't attended college in three weeks by Malti Devi. Romil is taken aback. She claims that Ankush is the name on this letter, and she asks if anybody finds out about it. Why did you read, he asks? She begs him to behave politely and wonders what made him believe he could trick them. Romil tells her that she wants to be in charge of the home and begs her not to go too far since Anu aunty knows how to get everyone back on track.

Dimpy was eating pani puri with young males, according to Baa. Dimpy claims that even my pupils, who are females, were present. Baa claims that teasing persists even if one has a spouse. After a heated argument, Dimpy claims she is expecting and wants a khatta meetha. You would have informed me, she claims. Dicky quarrels. Anupama begs Baa to let Dimpy to have her own life. Shall I die, Dimpy asks Baa? Says Baa, that's a sin. My bahu, according to Anupama, won't go against her wishes. Dimpy claims that if I stay home, others would make fun of us as well. According to Anupama, we should consider Dimpy rather than society.

Dimpy is their bahu, Baa says. Anupama claims that while Dimpy was her "bahu," she is now aware of her limits as the daughter of a middle-class family. Babu ji and Anuj back Dimpy. Anupama is asked to remove Dimpy from there by Baa, who promises that if Anupama takes action, she won't remember that she is expecting Samar's kid. Dimpy leaves to get her belongings after declaring she won't be staying here. According to Anupama, I had the impression that although we were there for our parents, our kids weren't there for us. She notes that some parents must be left behind on the road and expresses a desire to speak with someone. What is she thinking, Anuj wonders? Anupama says, "I thought we could open an old age home if we are competent." The elderly who are childless or who have been abandoned by their offspring, she says. She claims that we would provide such folks with a place to live in harmony and dignity. She apologises, and I told her a lot. Wonderful concept, comments Anuj. He declares that we would care for the poor and dubbed it "Apna Ghar." Right, Anupama responds, placing her hand in his. He is urged by Anuj to never abandon him. Never, Anupama replies with a grin. Anuj grins as well.

Kavya informs Baa that she is seven months pregnant and is heading to the doctor. Time is flying by, says Baa, and six months is a long time. She adores the baby and apologises to Kavya. Kavya queries why. By letting her rage out on the infant, Baa admits that she made a mistake. She claims that since Samar departed, you have looked after Vanraj and us. While attempting to be a good bahu, Kavya claims she is not a flawless bahu. Baba gives her a belly rub and kicks. Baa grins and adds, "Baby kicked his Dadi first." Kavya becomes sentimental.

When Malti Devi looks at Anuj, she believes that he is Anupama's spouse rather than my son. Romil arrives and asks if he may contact his pals to come study together. Malti Devi declines, explaining that he is unable to study with friends. Romil has the support of Anupama and Anuj, who urge him to phone his pals. Anupama offers to prepare burgers and noodles. Romil calls her nice and explains that since you given permission, it's plenty. Anuj concurs.

When Anupama sees Dimpy sobbing, she asks her if she believes she is in error. No, says Dimpy. Anupama assures Baa that she will comprehend, that elders should change the way they believe, and that Baa has good intentions. Dimpy says she want to let go of Samar's memories but she will never be able to forget him. Anupama claims that she wasn't asked. Shy embraces her. Dimpy's hair is combed out and released by Anupama. Then she looks in the mirror after applying bindi on her forehead. She gives a grin and adds, "When we have life, we have to live it fully." Seeing that, Pakhi becomes agitated.

Summary: Malti Devi claims to have gained a great deal of respect but to have forgotten to gain love. You are a nice mother, Anupama says, and she should not be a strict saas. Malti Devi believes that bahu determines this. Malti Devi becomes irritated when Anuj arrives and gives Anupama a hug.

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