How to delete Bigo account on iPhone? Exclusive Guide in 2024

How to Delete BIGO Account? You should delete your Bigo account if you decide to stop using the Bigo Live app or if you don’t think you’ll be using it for a while. This will keep any personal information hidden from Bigo and other users. To learn how to swiftly and simply remove your Bigo account, read through this tutorial. With Bigo Live, users can film films or broadcast live content to both friends and complete strangers. Using the Bigo app, anyone may stream movies at any time and from any place.

What is BIGO?

Bigo is a widely known online video broadcasting platform that enables users to communicate live on the web, Android, and iPhone with other people. It has a plethora of functions, including text messaging, video chats, account creation and editing, and more. Users can remove their Bigo account for a variety of reasons and with varying choices or preferences. 

You can delete the account, for instance, if you’ve forgotten your password or decide you no longer want to use it. Recall that deleting your Bigo account will result in the permanent deletion of all user data, including phone numbers and email addresses, as well as all of your data, including history.

About Deleting BIGO Account

Maybe you wish to remove your Bigo account after using it for a while. For a variety of reasons, including forgetting your password, ceasing to use the service, or simply deciding not to keep a Bigo account, you might choose to do this.

What precisely does it mean to delete your Bigo Live account? All of a Bigo Live account’s data, including broadcast history, will be completely erased from their database along with any user data, including contact details like phone numbers and email addresses that were linked to the account before it was destroyed.

Why Delete BIGO Account?

Concerns regarding personal information and internet safety on social media sites like Bigo can grow among certain users. Personal data will still be accessible online in such a scenario.

As users’ interests and tastes change over time, it may become necessary for them to deactivate their Bigo account in order to save time and reduce their online presence. In these situations, users’ experiences with Bigo may no longer be valuable or enjoyable.

Bigo deletion is one method that people trying to simplify their digital footprint could use to lessen the amount of social media accounts they have and their overall online presence.

Users may occasionally worry about potential security breaches or unauthorized access to their accounts; in these cases, canceling the account as a precautionary measure may be a worthwhile course of action.

How to Delete BIGO Account on App?

You might want to delete your account for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you wish to take a vacation from live streaming or you have outgrown interest in the site. You can use the following easy steps to delete an account, just like you would with Badoo:

Open the BIGO app.

On the navigation bar, click the “Me” icon.

After swiping down, select the “Settings” menu.

Select “Delete Account” from the menu.

Put in your password here. Next, select “Confirm.”

These actions will result in the account’s permanent deletion.

How to Delete BIGO Account on Android?

To delete your BIGO account if you’re an Android user, take the actions listed below:

In the lower navigation bar, tap the “Me” icon.

After swiping down, tap “Settings.”

“Delete Account” should be tapped.

Enter the passcode. Next, select “Confirm”.

Once these procedures are completed, the account will be permanently canceled.

How to Delete BIGO Account on iPhone?

Just follow these easy instructions if you’re using iOS and wish to remove the BIGO app.

Enter your BIGO login information.

Select the “Settings” tab.

The words “Deregister Number” or “Account Deletion” will appear there.

Pick the desired item from the drop-down menu.

When they ask for confirmation, provide your password.

You’re done when you tap “confirm.”

How to Delete Bigo Account Via an Email Request?

You can try the email option to cancel or delete your account if you don’t want to use the procedures listed above.

Open the email address that is connected to your website or app account.

Next, write your message and send it to using your email address.

Write a Request to Delete My Account in the subject line.

Lastly, write a message about deleting the Bigo account in your email and click Send.

Account Deletion Issues

Don’t worry if you have any problems deleting your Bigo account or if you have problems at all during the procedure. These typical issues and solutions are listed below:

Can’t Find the “Delete Account” Option

Try updating the Bigo app to the most recent version if you are unable to find the “Delete Account” option in your account settings. The menu layouts of older versions of the program can vary from time to time. If the problem continues, you might want to ask Bigo’s customer service for help.

Confirmation Message Not Appearing

The confirmation notification that appears after choosing “Delete Account” may not always show up. Make sure you have a steady connection by checking your internet connection twice. Try shutting down and reopening the app if the problem continues. For more assistance if the issue persists, get in touch with Bigo’s customer service.

Personal Information Removal Error

If you run into problems when deleting your personal data, confirm that you are following the right procedures as described in the preceding section. Try again after checking your internet connection. If the issue continues, you might want to ask for help from Bigo’s customer service.

How You Can Hide Your Location on Bigo Live?

Here is a process to hide your location on BIGO live. Follow the steps below:

Once you’ve logged into your Bigo account, open the app.

On the home screen, click the Profile button located at the bottom.

By swiping down and choosing “Settings,” you may access the settings.

Next, choose Privacy.

Now choose Hide Location.

Substitutes for Bigo

If you’ve made the decision to deactivate your Bigo account, you could be searching for other live streaming services to satisfy your demand for entertainment. Here are some well-liked Bigo substitutes that you might look into:


Twitch is a popular live streaming service that mostly offers video games. It provides a huge selection of live broadcasts, such as music, artistic events, and gaming competitions. Discover a thriving community of viewers and streamers by exploring Twitch.

Facebook Live

Users can broadcast live videos to their friends, followers, and the whole Facebook community by using Facebook Live. Facebook Live provides a way to interact with your current social network and share moments in real-time thanks to its enormous user base.

YouTube Live

Creators can broadcast live video to a worldwide audience on YouTube Live. YouTube Live provides a wide selection of channels and content categories, making it a comprehensive platform for live streaming a variety of subjects, such as instructional, gaming, music, and much more.

Instagram Live

Users can broadcast live videos to their Instagram followers using Instagram Live. It’s a fantastic tool for interacting with your Instagram following directly and sharing impromptu moments and behind-the-scenes material.


Twitter owns the live streaming service Periscope. Users can broadcast and watch live videos from all around the world with its help. On Periscope, find captivating live streams, engage with broadcasters, and create your own community.

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